Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Focussed writing


Digital technology involves early coding.  We use Bee Bot co-operatively on the iPads to work out how to give directions and move the bee to the flower!


We have been working hard on counting 1:1 and recognising numerals to 10.

50 nighter

Congratulations Maia for completing 50 nights of reading homework!


Children have been enjoying using a new box of assorted toys during our discovery sessions.


This week we have been using Counting Bear to work on our 1:1 counting.


We have all been given a new sun hat in our house colour.  They have the H.E.A.R.T. emblem on them and look pretty cool, thanks to NBS!

C is for caterpillars

We made some collage caterpillars with coloured circles!

Puppet show

These children loved playing with my new puppets for discovery!

C is for cow

Did you see our cow masks we made for letter C?